Other EC Projects

SMILE Urban Logistics (Smart Green Innovative Urban Logistics for Energy Efficient Mediterranean Cities)

SMILE is focused on the development and implementation of strategies, plans and innovative measures in energetically efficient mobility solutions for the smart cities of the Mediterranean.


STRAIGHTSOL is a 3-year EU-funded project, comprising seven innovative cutting edge urban freight demonstrations.

FREVUE (Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe)

FREVUE will demonstrate to industry, consumers and policy makers, how electric freight vehicles can provide a solution to many of these problems.

ENCLOSE (ENergy efficiency in City LOgistics Services for small e mid-sized European Historic Towns)

ENCLOSE project, based on the real applications carried out by the forerunner towns and on the consolidated experiences of some partners, aims to provide and disseminate viable solutions for urban energy-efficient. transport.


SMARTFREIGHT aims to specify, implement and evaluate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions that integrate urban traffic management systems with the management of freight and logistics in urban areas.


FREILOT aims at increasing energy efficiency of urban freight through deployment of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) services.


Smartfusion is a public-private partnership (PPP) which will build upon the existing urban freight development strategies of three demonstration city-regions: Newcastle, Berlin and the Lombardy region. It will demonstrate smart urban freight solutions in urban-interurban supply chains.


The DELIVER project, as part of the European Green Cars Initiative, aims to explore urban light commercial vehicle (LCV) concepts intended for larger scale production by executing a broad scope conceptual design study which will start by establishing initial design specifications and continue to a detailed prototype-based and virtual performance assessment as well as a running concept demonstrator vehicle.


SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union „20-20-20“ targets for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency.


The overall goal of EU-project ELMOs (Electromobility Solution for Cities and Regions) is to promote more sustainable transport through the development of electromobility solutions for cities and regions (ELMOs). By bringing together 10 partners from six neighbouring countries (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary) the project Consortium represents a wide spectrum in terms of regional institutional capacities, economic structures and R&D priorities. These Clusters are from the field Automotive, Energy and ICT.


Ele.C.Tra – Electric City Transport is an Intelligent Energy project that involves 11 partners from eight European countries that promotes electric scooter sharing in three big cities in Europe (Genoa, Florence and Barcelona). The project promotes three pilot actions in these cities and prepares a transferability model for further seven urban areas, involving about 16 millions of inhabitants. With these activities the project allows to raise awareness among citizens and tourists of changing daily behaviours to promote sustainable activities. Also the project is oriented to public bodies and other stakeholders, like transports operators, associations, universities and firms, in order to develop other innovative transport means (e.g. electric car and buses).


SoCool@EU (Sustainable Organisation between Clusters of Optimised Logistics @ Europe) aims to create an open European platform of excellence in the area of supply chain management and logistics in connection with hubs and gateways that will be open for participation by other regional clusters with a logistics and transportation profile after its establishment. Its purpose is to enable research-driven regional clusters throughout Europe to collaborate and exchange experiences to increase sustainability and competitiveness of logistic services and intermodal transport operations.


The LOG4GREEN cooperation aims at awareness raising and strengthening the competitiveness in Europe’s Logistic sector. To this end logistic clusters of six regions – Carinthia (Austria), Ruhr (Germany), Wallonia (Belgium), Normandy (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Odessa (Ukraine) – have joined forces to elaborate a Joint Action Plan (JAP) which is built on regional analyses and strategies.

The LOG4GREEN partnership builds upon existing bilateral cooperation between the partner regions promotes synergies but also identifies complementarities in both, research and economic fields. The consortium further improves existing links between the actors involved and stakeholders in clearly defined mentoring and benchmarking regions.

LOG2020 – Training for the future

The EU project “LOG2020 – Training for the future” is developing a Master Class program that meets academic standards and practical requirements. The program intention is to deliver properly qualified Chief Supply Chain Officers who are able to tackle the key strategic decisions of the future.

The funding for LOG2020 comes from the European Union “Lifelong Learning Program”. Seven partners representing outstanding logistic research institutions with special experience in higher education and training programs in logistics from five different European countries are involved in this program.

Useful Links:

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Demonstration activity the use of environmentally friendly means of transport (eg. Job bikes, tricycle) in freight transport in everyday life of Lisbon.
The purpose of this movie is to spread the use of these eco-efficient vehicles in urban distribution of small goods, thus contributing to a considerable improvement from the ecological point of view
and environmental Lisbon.

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